Got a basement filled with clutter and wondering what to do with all those unwanted items? Junk has a habit of building up over the years and when the time comes to get rid of the clutter, it can give you a bit of a headache. Use our waste removal service though and we think you’ll benefit from the advantages we have highlighted in this blog.

  1. It’s less work: Get somebody else to do the hard graft and you can sit back with a cup of tea until your basement is cleared. We clear junk quickly, you don’t even have to break into a sweat, the hardest thing you’ll have to do is tell us where the clutter is and then you can leave everything in our capable hands.
  2. It’s convenient: We’ll shift your rubbish at a time that suits your needs so you don’t have to disturb your daily routine. Our service is flexible, it’s tailored to your requirements as the customer and we’ll collect junk during the evening or at weekends if you can’t spare the time during the working week. One call is all it takes to organise our rubbish collection service, we’ve made it as convenient as possible for you.
  3. It frees up space: A room full of junk is a waste of space. If your cellar is stocked to the roof with unwanted items why not clear it out and use the space for another purpose instead? You could convert that area and make it a habitable room to use for a host of applications. Get us to clear that clutter and enjoy having all that extra room.
  4. It’s healthier for your home: Storing junk isn’t good for your property. Musty basements filled with grubby, unwanted items are a bit of a health hazard if the truth be known. So clean up your act and ask our team at ProJunk to remove that waste, give your home a new lease of life.
  5. It’s cost effective: We don’t even charge that much at ProJunk and by the time you work out the cost of van hire or make enquiries about skip hire, you’ll see that it’s cheaper and easier to use our services. Just call us for a quote, we’d love to help by removing rubbish from your life!

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