No extra charge for:
Fridges and monitors

We do the work:
2 people in team
Rubbish loading
Sweep-up after ourselves

Call now for no obligation quote, freephone 0800 599 9990 or call ProJunk mobile: 07414792524
Extra labour allowance costs £30 ex VAT per extra 30 mins
Alternatively complete the Call Back request form on the left.
We charge by weight or volume of your junk not for the whole truck. This means you could make significant savings over skip hire or other means of waste disposal.
All Parking Fines a responsibility of customers
On the job completion we will require payment in full by Credit/debit card or cash. Please be aware that we are not accepting checks.

Volume RatesPrices
WeightCubic YardsLabour IncludedPrice Ex. VAT
50kg1 items5 min£ 35.00
250kg2-3 yd10 mins£ 55.00
500kg4 yd15 mins£ 75.00
1000kg8 yd30 mins£ 140.00
1500kg10 yd40 mins£ 170.00
2000kg12 yd40 mins£ 200.00
2500kg14 yd60 mins£ 240.00
3000kg16 yd60 mins£ 260.00

From 1 April all prices are increased on £20
Prices shown on our website are for bulky and light rubbish.
If your rubbish contains a significant proportion of heavy and dense waste like rubble, soil and concrete we charge by weight. 1 ton = £80 is approximately = 25 bags
Any contain of plasterboard and paint are subject to extra charge.
Loose rubbish must be packed and ready to go when our team arrives.
Please call our team for no obligation quote on free phone 0800 599 9990