Bulky Waste Collection

Getting rid of a mattress weighing 60lb is very different to getting rid of 60lb of bricks. For one – bricks will fit in your car, whereas a mattress will most likely fit on the car’s roof only.

Disposing of bulky waste is always a bit of a problem – the council will not be willing to take it, you can’t leave it in front of your house and it’s no use of putting it in the shed, loft or garage as it’s just putting it off for another day. And in the case when you have several items you want to get rid of, the options are even smaller.

Let us offer a painless and low cost solution to your bulky waste problems. Just call us on the number provided, tell us what kind of bulky items you wish to throw out and we’ll give you a no obligations quote. What’s more – we’ll collect it at a time that is convenient to you, even if it is early morning or late evening without extra charge.

Our teams frequently report seeing skips with couches and other furniture in them. We strongly advise to use a professional bulky waste removal service like ProJunk to get rid of your bulky items. It will be cheaper and with less hassle, as we are a fully licensed waste removal company and don’t need any additional permits form the authorities, whereas getting a skip will not only cost more, but will also require a permit for the skip to be placed.

Save yourself the trouble and extra costs – call us now or fill out our enquiry form for a no strings attached quick rubbish removal quote.

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