Garden Clearance London

Garden clearance can be very time consuming and not to mention tiresome work. Even if you decide to do it yourself, you’re left with rubbish you’d like to get rid of. That is why we’re offering a garden clearance service- to help you get rid of the overgrowth, old deckchairs, clean out the shed or even take down the shed itself.

Even though we specialize in responsible disposal of rubbish, we also have labor teams that can come by and clean up your garden. You can enjoy a nice cup of tea and catch up on Dr. Who, while we’ll take care of that old shed.

Of course, our service is not only limited to garden clearance – we can also clean out your garage, tidy up after construction or just take that old couch from your drive.

A nice garden is the pride of a house. Having it overgrown with bushes with a full shed and garden furniture hiding in them not only doesn’t look good, but can cost you more money to clear it all up later.

If you need help clearing up your garden, we can also provide labor to do the job while you get on with more important matters. To get more details on garden clearance services fill out our enquiry form or request a call back. Alternatively you can call us on the number provided to get an instant no obligations quote.

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