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Hiring a skip can make sense, if you are doing construction work and/or expect to have lots of heavy and dense material waste, like, hard core, soil and concrete. In other cases, hiring a skip can be the more costly option.

Such cases include getting rid of old furniture or heat isolation materials. Another good example is if you have cleared your garden of bushes and need to dispose of them. Putting it simply – if you are in need of bulky waste collection, hiring a rubbish removal company is the better option not only money wise, but also because such companies will gather the rubbish for you, whereas with a skip you have to do the loading yourself.

In addition to the listed advantages, hiring a rubbish removal truck instead of a skip will give you the opportunity to get rid of more junk in one go. That is because a regular skip’s capacity is only 8 cubic yards but ProJunk’s trucks are twice that – 16 cubic yards. Not to mention that you have to get a permit from your local council to place a skip in front of your house.

To reiterate, unless you have heavy rubbish to get rid of, hiring a junk clearance company saves you money, time and effort in most cases.

If you want to know more advantages of hiring a rubbish removal company, give us a call or request a call back by filling out the form. Alternatively, you can visit our pricing page or request a no obligation junk clearance quote.

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