Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment (WEEE) Recycling

Certain household appliances and other electrical equipment can contain hazardous materials in them, which, if disposed of incorrectly, could damage the environment. To avoid harming our planet with chemicals EU issued a Directive, which became a UK law in 2007. The law lists all the harmful appliances and chemicals in them, as well regulates how they should be disposed of to not harm the planet.

The WEEE Regulations list the following categories as being potentially hazardous among others:

  • · Large and small household appliances
  • · Consumer equipment
  • · IT equipment
  • · Telecommunications equipment
  • · Electrical and electronic tools
  • · Medical devices
  • · Automatic dispensers
  • · Monitoring and control instruments


What this means is that you need a fully licensed rubbish removal company if you wish to throw out any of the more common WEEE

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