Do you usually stow away old furniture, hand-me-downs and other unused belongings? Ask yourself just how much junk is building up in your house? Forget spring cleaning, clear out all your unused possessions before winter and you’ll feel the benefits!

Where to start?

Okay you’ll need to take this room by room. The thing about clearing out your old junk is that you have to be organised, leaving no stone unturned so a methodical approach is best.

Stock up on bags and boxes so you have the right materials to begin sorting your possessions. A supply of coloured stickers will help you categorise your waste. Any furniture or other large items that won’t fit in boxes and bags can also be tagged with stickers.

Divide unwanted items into categories

In the collection of unwanted things in your home it’s fairly safe to say that some of it

  • Rubbish
  • Reusable by you
  • Reusable by someone else

Identify things that you could actually make use of if you mended, updated or repurposed them.

Rubbish, recycling and donations to charity shops should be further divided. Many charity or second hand shops can’t accept electrical items due to lack of safety testing facilities. However we offer WEEE Recycling (Waste Electronic and Electrical Equipment) to help you get rid of any old PCs, toasters, lamps and other electrical appliances.

You should also ensure any other harmful materials are separated from you rubbish and recycling piles.

How much time should I give myself?

This depends on two factors: how much free have you got and how much space have you got for stacking up sorted items?

If your time is limited but you have a spare bedroom or garage then you can take this process quite gradually. As I said above the easiest way to tackle this project is room by room so set target for sorting through each room e.g. 1 room a night or if you’re really stuck for time 1 room a week.

The disadvantage to giving yourself a lot of time is that you’re likely to procrastinate. You’ve put it off this long already so don’t allow yourself to slack off, keep on top of your schedule, doing a bit at every opportunity. The other downside is that you’ll need somewhere to stack up the boxes of stuff that you need to get rid of.

By clearing out your house over one weekend you’ll greatly compress the time you have thus working toward a defined deadline. You’ll also be able to get rid of all your junk more quickly so space to store it over one or two days is less of an issue.

Arrange for rubbish collection

One of the services we offer is an alternative to more traditional skip hire; rubbish collection. This suits the removal of domestic rubbish much better than skip hire.

Enquire about domestic rubbish collection today and claim back the space in your home!

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